Monday, July 30, 2012

Rules and Regulations

Everyone Participating:
1. Must be 18 years old or older, or have your parents permission.
2. International entries accepted since this is a worldwide giveaway/contest.
3. BOTH the giveaway AND the contest end on August 14 at 11:59PM U.S. eastern time.
4. Only YouTube entries will be accepted for both comment and video entries. This means you CANNOT enter via twitter, Facebook, vimeo, or any other social networking sites.

Comment Participation: 
1. Must be 18 years old or older, or have your parents permission.
2. You can comment one or more times per day, as long as each comment is different. In the comment, you can state why you want to win the pens, what you would use the pens for, or anything pertaining to the can make it funny if you want (;
3. DO NOT write enter me.
4. Only YouTube comments will be accepted. You CANNOT enter via any other website besides gets too complicated >.<
5. You can live anywhere on planet Earth.

Video Participation:
1. Must be a new video. You will post your video as a video response to THIS VIDEO(: You CANNOT post a video that you used for a different giveaway or uploaded in the past. You can make your video about anything school related, here are some ideas:
-Desk Organization
-Agenda Organization
-How you study for tests
-Backpack  Organization
-Lunchbox Organization
-How you organize your computer files/folders
-Binder organization
-Your favorite iPad/iPhone applications for school
-The possibilities are endless, it is totally up to you(:
2. Only ONE video entry per person.
3. Remember to state that your entry is "for Aily's contest"
4. The video will be 10 minutes or less, it's okay if you are a few minutes over, say 11 or 12 minutes, since not everyone knows how to edit a video.
5. You can enter your video to win the prizes for someone else, such as your dad, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, friend, or any other family or acquaintance(:
6. Only video responses to this video will be accepted. You CANNOT enter via any other website besides gets too complicated >.<
7. Have fun and be creative. You do not have to show your face if you are not comfortable with it. But you MUST make a video on anything that is school related, it is totally up to you(:

May the odds be ever in your favor ^_^

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored by anything or anyone. I was not given any supplies by companies. I do not get paid by Youtube, Google, or anyone else to make videos. The prizes were purchased with my own money.


  1. You are great! Thank you for this giveaway =D

  2. Hi aily when and how will you announce the winner?

  3. Hi Aily, I have just noticed you deleted your account on yt and on twitter. That was very sad, but whatever reason is fine, you are busy and probably you have better things to do. I wish I kept your address!! If you read this, can you reply? I want your e-mail, maybe I can write you sometimes :)

    Miss you!! :)

  4. Hey hun! Where are you? Miss you!

  5. Hi Aily,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I noticed that your youtube account isn´t on anymore and I was really sad, because you were always motivating me to be organized and not procrastinate, but you will have your reasons and that´s totally fine. I just want to thank you for all these wonderful "organize me" videos. I have a very stressful time now in school as I´m being in my final 2 years. My dream is to become an English teacher (I´m from Germany) and that´s why I liked your English videos even more (so I can improve my language).
    Maybe you´re still in the mood to write some blog posts, but overall I hope you´re fine and want to thank you.

    Greetings from Germany, enjoy your days off ;D

  6. Oh, I'm sad that you deleted your channel... I've been a long time subscriber and I absolutely loved your videos.

    I'm sure you had your reasons to quit YouTube, but I wish you hadn't deleted your videos... They were really helpful! I'm starting a new planner this year and I was looking for your videos on planner organization to be reminded of your awesome tips...

    Anyway, best of luck to you! ;)

    1. Hello dear, I too wish I had not made such an immature move and for that I truly am sorry. On a happy note, this allows room for new videos and ideas, especially a new planner organization video, which I already have many ideas for(: I did create a new channel and hope to be there for many many years <3


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  8. Aily please come back I need your help !

  9. Aily, I've missed your videos so much since you deleted your account. I watched some of them over 3 times because they were so helpful. I know you're out of college now but I'm just about to finish the second semester of my freshman year, it would be an extreme understatement to say your videos helped me. I think I survived my freshman year academically thanks almost entirely to your advice and the amazing example you set as a dedicated student and as a person. Thanks so much for your time on YouTube, I hope you read this some time.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello Mayra(: It makes me so happy to know that your first year went great, and I'm so sorry I was not there to be a part of it. However, I have created a new channel and have uploaded my first video, so I'm happy to say that I am back for good(: I will speak more about other aspects that influenced me to take a loooooong much needed break in the future (: I hope to be able to help you in anything you need from now on <3