Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My days and how I prioritize

I know, I know: "Aily where are you? When are you making videos?" I'm so super sorry, I'm insanely crazy busy >.< I thought it'd be fun and insightful to share with you what exactly my days consist of, in the past 36 hours I have completed:

Advanced Financial Management [AFM] weekly quiz: Literally will take you a week if you don't pay attention in class. (My grades on the last 4 quizzes have been 100%, 90%, 100%, 98%)
Studied for the AFM midterm which is next week
Researched for my securities analysis project which is due next Wednesday but I want to have it finished by Friday to only focus on financial management and housework during the weekend(:
I completed and submitted this weeks assignment for Banking & Financial Institutions [it's due tonight]
Finished the assignment for Securities Analysis which is due today and the professor will randomly select 3 students to make a brief presentation of the assignment
Cleaned and sanitized the kitchen
Washed my hair
Cleaned and sanitized the kitties litter box
Organized my bedroom to maintain it nice and neat
Vacuumed the house
Finished the first season of Supernatural on Netflix
Painted my nails and murdered them so I repainted them last night
Made a chicken salad
Started on the case study for International Finance which is due Monday but I want to also have it done by Friday, my priorities are organized as follows:

#1. Securities Analysis assignment - due Feb 22 at 6PM [completed]
#2. Banking assignment - due Feb 22 at 11:59PM online [completed]
#3. AFM quiz #5 - due Feb 23 [completed]
#4. International finance Case Study - due next Monday [half way done]
#5. Securities analysis project - due next Wednesday [on its way]
#6. AFM midterm - March 1

So as you can see my priority is to complete everything to only have to focus on AFM. Thankfully, it's the only midterm I have next week since my other 3 classes only consist of tests and projects(: Of course there's other non-school related things that I've completed but it'd be too much to type and I think you would get bored of reading hahaha!

Well that's it for now(: It's Wednesday morning at 8:27am and my long day is about to start! So I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day!! Thank you for reading (



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Day (:

It's finally Thursday! Last day of the week I have to drive to school! This is heaven ^_^ The only downside is that todays class always finishes a bit after 8pm so I end up getting home at like 8:40pm *tear* but other than that it's great since I can work on assignments and stuff while my brother is at school. He gets out at 3:15pm today so I leave the house around 2:50-2:55 to give me time to get to his campus, pick him up, and together we go to my campus(: He really hates it but he has to deal with it since he decided to not listen to me and didn't get his drivers license over winter break hahaha!

I just finished uploading one of the many procrastination videos that I'll be doing. It's difficult to try to help a wide range of people in one video since everyone has a different schedule, so hopefully people leave more questions and then I can give more detailed answers ^_^

So looking at my agenda I don't have very much to do today, this is what it looks like:

School Related:
Submit quiz 3 (did that yesterday)
Print both case studies due Monday - completed at 10:40am
Make notecards for Int'l Finance from textbook - chapter 1 & 2 completed at 12:29pm
Start researching Caterpillar for project - completed at 10:21pm
Class at 6PM (take laptop) - class finished at 8:10pm

Home Related:
Laundry - completed at 10:56am
15 minute morning bedroom pickup (I'm lazy at night hehe) - completed at 9:48am
Pick up living room-completed at 10:45pm
Pick up dining room (messy family members XD) - completed at 9:20pm

Me Related:
Deposit school check at bank - completed at 2:46pm
Pay remaining tuition balance - incomplete because deposit has not gone through
Do nails - tomorrow since Im too tired!
Wash hair - incomplete because I just don't have time, a shower will do (;
Outline the next video - incomplete because I'm too sleepy!

Oh and today I got my Scentsy that was sent to me by a wonderful twitter/youtube friend who sells it! :D It's the first free product I've ever received to make a review on and omg!...I did not think I would love it as much as I do XD It's too amazing to describe in words. All I was able to say about the scents was "I wanna eat it!" Even my brother is loving the scents(: I really cannot wait to review it and share my experience with it :D Scents are a big part of my study habits, I ALWAYS burn a candle or spray room fragrance before studying because I find that I work better(: Scentsy might be dangerous makes me crave sweets (; See right now I want a donut! The scents I got are Sugar Cookie, Happy Birthday, and Hazelnut Latte, so when I repurchase the bars I'm going to try the flowery scents; those, of course, will be purchased by me with my own money (: Looking forward to life with my new boyfriend Scentsy (; hehe
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to review this, yay :D

Well it's off to sleep now, I'm going to Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, and Target with one of my friends tomorrow to get some stuff I need and I need shopping rest (; Love you all! Thank you so much for reading if you got this far :D


A bit of my day with a splash of in-class tips

*Please excuse any grammatical errors, I don't have time atm to proofread* (:

It's finally Wednesday, thank goodness! One day closer to Thursday and then day off on Friday :D Yesterday I have my first test for my banking class and I actually feel pretty confident about it. It was on 8 chapters, so I think I'll be happy with an A or B (: The most important thing about studying for a test is learning the material. A lot of people think it's only memorizing, but when you memorize you forget the instant the test is over! So learn! Learn as much as you can :D Also, pay attention in lectures, a lot of people in my class don't and then on test day they don't even know the essential formulas! That's crazy!!

Yes, yes, I'm always the nerdy one scribbling on her paper XD I know a lot of people like taking their laptops to class to "take notes." If you're going to take it to take notes, make sure it is just for that and that you're not going on to social sites or browsing the web. I find that if I take my iPad or my brothers laptop, I tend to think about the games I want to play and I lose focus off what the professor is saying. Writing out my notes rather than typing them have actually helped me remember terms and information a whole lot better! So next time you're in class try these steps (only if you can of course, I know all students are different and what works for me may not work for you):

1. If the professor sends you a powerpoint of what you will be going over, when you print it, select "3 slides per page," this gives you lines next to the powerpoint where you can take notes. This is very helpful when you have a professor who teaches off the power points and adds information to those slides during class time

2. Unless it's necessary, do not take your laptop or tablet. It's a huge distraction and you're not going to be as focused in the class. Trust me, it's amazing how much you will learn if you leave it at home(:

3. Try not to have sugary foods or drinks before a long lecture. In my experience, it makes me really jittery and wanting to get out of class already. A good food to keep you alert is carrots. I don't know what they have but I love it!

4. Dress comfortably to class. I've seen girls who go in heels, tight skinny jeans, and uncomfortable tops. If you're feeling all tight and constraint, you're not going to be able to pay attention. I personally love leggings because they fit super comfortably and you can make them look cute with flats or boots(:

5. And of course, most importantly, go to class! You're paying money to get an education, so make the best of it and learn as much as you possibly can!(:

I don't know how this post drifted from my day to in class tips hahaha! Anyways, back to my day. So since right now its 9:10 am, I think I'm going to make a list of what I'm doing as I go along my day. And within that I'll sort of be answering questions people ask me a lot, such as what products I use, what I do in the morning, etc(: So here we go!! Btw I won't be writing every step I take, if I do it'll be an eternal blog haha!

~9:18am} Washing face - Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser followed Kiehl's moisturizer, then exfoliated my lips with LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub and moisturized with Befine lip serum(:
~Checked my quiz grade and got an A :D
~Setting my 15 minute timer and doing the morning organization routine
~Time's up and everything is organized and ready for tonights class ^_^

~9:48am} Finishing up my Advanced Financial Management quiz which is due tomorrow night.
~11am} Taking a shower/making lunch & dinner/cleaning the kitchen (:
~12pm } Leaving to my brothers school, since he has only 1 class on Mon/Wedn, I'll go to the library on his campus and work
~12:23} At the library doing notecards for International Finance
~2:20} my brother got out of class earlier so the drive to my campus was nice ^_^
Now to stay here until 8pm unless the prof lets me out early
~3:23} At lunch and now I'm going to continue on my notecards (chapters 3 and 4)
Since I have extra time I did chapter 5 as well(:
Class at 6pm which I got out at 7:14pm, SO happy :D
The professor gave us a project which is to do a securities analysis for a company! I chose Caterpillar hehe
~7:50} Home and getting ready to make a video
-did tons of stuff before making the video
~9:30pm} VIDEO TIME!
~11:03} Finished editing
Night time face routine
Studied International Finance
And now its night night ^_^

I cannot promise I'll make these journal type blogs everyday, but I will certainly try (: