Thursday, February 9, 2012

A bit of my day with a splash of in-class tips

*Please excuse any grammatical errors, I don't have time atm to proofread* (:

It's finally Wednesday, thank goodness! One day closer to Thursday and then day off on Friday :D Yesterday I have my first test for my banking class and I actually feel pretty confident about it. It was on 8 chapters, so I think I'll be happy with an A or B (: The most important thing about studying for a test is learning the material. A lot of people think it's only memorizing, but when you memorize you forget the instant the test is over! So learn! Learn as much as you can :D Also, pay attention in lectures, a lot of people in my class don't and then on test day they don't even know the essential formulas! That's crazy!!

Yes, yes, I'm always the nerdy one scribbling on her paper XD I know a lot of people like taking their laptops to class to "take notes." If you're going to take it to take notes, make sure it is just for that and that you're not going on to social sites or browsing the web. I find that if I take my iPad or my brothers laptop, I tend to think about the games I want to play and I lose focus off what the professor is saying. Writing out my notes rather than typing them have actually helped me remember terms and information a whole lot better! So next time you're in class try these steps (only if you can of course, I know all students are different and what works for me may not work for you):

1. If the professor sends you a powerpoint of what you will be going over, when you print it, select "3 slides per page," this gives you lines next to the powerpoint where you can take notes. This is very helpful when you have a professor who teaches off the power points and adds information to those slides during class time

2. Unless it's necessary, do not take your laptop or tablet. It's a huge distraction and you're not going to be as focused in the class. Trust me, it's amazing how much you will learn if you leave it at home(:

3. Try not to have sugary foods or drinks before a long lecture. In my experience, it makes me really jittery and wanting to get out of class already. A good food to keep you alert is carrots. I don't know what they have but I love it!

4. Dress comfortably to class. I've seen girls who go in heels, tight skinny jeans, and uncomfortable tops. If you're feeling all tight and constraint, you're not going to be able to pay attention. I personally love leggings because they fit super comfortably and you can make them look cute with flats or boots(:

5. And of course, most importantly, go to class! You're paying money to get an education, so make the best of it and learn as much as you possibly can!(:

I don't know how this post drifted from my day to in class tips hahaha! Anyways, back to my day. So since right now its 9:10 am, I think I'm going to make a list of what I'm doing as I go along my day. And within that I'll sort of be answering questions people ask me a lot, such as what products I use, what I do in the morning, etc(: So here we go!! Btw I won't be writing every step I take, if I do it'll be an eternal blog haha!

~9:18am} Washing face - Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser followed Kiehl's moisturizer, then exfoliated my lips with LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub and moisturized with Befine lip serum(:
~Checked my quiz grade and got an A :D
~Setting my 15 minute timer and doing the morning organization routine
~Time's up and everything is organized and ready for tonights class ^_^

~9:48am} Finishing up my Advanced Financial Management quiz which is due tomorrow night.
~11am} Taking a shower/making lunch & dinner/cleaning the kitchen (:
~12pm } Leaving to my brothers school, since he has only 1 class on Mon/Wedn, I'll go to the library on his campus and work
~12:23} At the library doing notecards for International Finance
~2:20} my brother got out of class earlier so the drive to my campus was nice ^_^
Now to stay here until 8pm unless the prof lets me out early
~3:23} At lunch and now I'm going to continue on my notecards (chapters 3 and 4)
Since I have extra time I did chapter 5 as well(:
Class at 6pm which I got out at 7:14pm, SO happy :D
The professor gave us a project which is to do a securities analysis for a company! I chose Caterpillar hehe
~7:50} Home and getting ready to make a video
-did tons of stuff before making the video
~9:30pm} VIDEO TIME!
~11:03} Finished editing
Night time face routine
Studied International Finance
And now its night night ^_^

I cannot promise I'll make these journal type blogs everyday, but I will certainly try (: