Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My days and how I prioritize

I know, I know: "Aily where are you? When are you making videos?" I'm so super sorry, I'm insanely crazy busy >.< I thought it'd be fun and insightful to share with you what exactly my days consist of, in the past 36 hours I have completed:

Advanced Financial Management [AFM] weekly quiz: Literally will take you a week if you don't pay attention in class. (My grades on the last 4 quizzes have been 100%, 90%, 100%, 98%)
Studied for the AFM midterm which is next week
Researched for my securities analysis project which is due next Wednesday but I want to have it finished by Friday to only focus on financial management and housework during the weekend(:
I completed and submitted this weeks assignment for Banking & Financial Institutions [it's due tonight]
Finished the assignment for Securities Analysis which is due today and the professor will randomly select 3 students to make a brief presentation of the assignment
Cleaned and sanitized the kitchen
Washed my hair
Cleaned and sanitized the kitties litter box
Organized my bedroom to maintain it nice and neat
Vacuumed the house
Finished the first season of Supernatural on Netflix
Painted my nails and murdered them so I repainted them last night
Made a chicken salad
Started on the case study for International Finance which is due Monday but I want to also have it done by Friday, my priorities are organized as follows:

#1. Securities Analysis assignment - due Feb 22 at 6PM [completed]
#2. Banking assignment - due Feb 22 at 11:59PM online [completed]
#3. AFM quiz #5 - due Feb 23 [completed]
#4. International finance Case Study - due next Monday [half way done]
#5. Securities analysis project - due next Wednesday [on its way]
#6. AFM midterm - March 1

So as you can see my priority is to complete everything to only have to focus on AFM. Thankfully, it's the only midterm I have next week since my other 3 classes only consist of tests and projects(: Of course there's other non-school related things that I've completed but it'd be too much to type and I think you would get bored of reading hahaha!

Well that's it for now(: It's Wednesday morning at 8:27am and my long day is about to start! So I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day!! Thank you for reading (