Monday, March 12, 2012

Where have I been?

FTC: I did not proofread this, so please excuse any errors (: Thanks <3

So I've been asked a lot where I am, how I've been, if I'm alive...hahahaha! Yes I'm okay ^_^ But I'll fill you in on what has been going on in my life(:

I finished my midterms March 1 and that was when my spring break began! I'll start by saying that it felt like I was off for 2 weeks because it passed by sooooo slow :D On the official first day of spring break, Friday March 2, I went with my friends to an amazing outlet mall in my town and we ate at one of my favorite restaurants: Rainforest Cafe. It's ambiance is like a jungle and it's all decorated with animals, storms, and the coolest ceiling ever! I also did some shopping for a couple of supplies for my bedroom since I was working on a few unfinished projects.

Then Saturday comes around and of course, I get sick -__- It totally ruined my first weekend off in weeks, but it made me catch up on Season 4 of Supernatural (; Sunday was definitely the worst day, I had a fever, I felt like I got run over by a few trucks, and I was SO cranky hahaha! But I'm much better now(:

When Monday came around, I was feeling a bit better but not so much. My brother wanted to organize and rearrange his room so I helped him do that while also working on 2 projects for school and my bedroom as well. We ended up throwing 6 bags of trash out of my brothers room!! He's not very good at organizing and could use all the help he can get! It was such a terrible mess! Now it's painted Cathedral Gray by Behr, everything has a place thanks to IKEA/Target and their awesome containers, and it's a room where he can actually relax in (:

Then Friday to Saturday was super fun!  One of my best friends had a sleep over on Friday and we had the best time at her house :D On Saturday at noon we went to this restaurant I had never been to called Cracker Barrel and oh em gee it was so yummy! The best part about it was that while we waited to be seated, we shopped around in a little store that's inside the restaurant (: I got a mug for my mug collection (of course hehe) and on the bottom I wrote the date so I would treasure it in my heart forever (:

And yesterday, Sunday, was the last day of spring break, so my family and I went to eat at Fuddruckers where I had the Southwest Taco Salad (DELICIOUS!!). Overall it was such a wonderful and adventurous break from not having to drive to school all week! :D So today, Monday, I'll be finishing up my assignment that's due on Wednesday, and working a bit more on my part of a group project. I don't have class tonight because my professor is out of town (: Also, I'll be going to Home Depot to buy some shelf rests for my bookshelf shelves. If you all remember my room tour, I was only able to have 3 shelves in my bookshelf because of the trophies that were taking up so much space! But after a lot of time spent reorganizing the rest of the house, I was able to take out about 15 trophies and that opened up the entire bookshelf! :D So I'm really excited to take all my books out of storage and be able to have them on my shelf where I can look at them and reread them, as well as add more books I purchase or that are given to me (:

Very excited for this upcoming week, I feel it's going to be a very productive one! :D

Thank you for reading!! <3 I love you all and hope to see you soon(:


  1. Hey Aily! Sorry to hear you've been pretty ill over your Spring Break but at least it didn't last too long and you soon recovered. For the most part though your Spring Break sounds very fun and relaxing!

  2. Hey :)

    Im so sad you have been sick over your spring break.
    but Im happy that you had so much fun with your family and friends, sounds like you really enjoyed the time.


  3. Hi,
    my name is Kristin. I'm a 15 year old girl who loves watching you and your videos. It is so refreshing. What's your secret to being so happy and ambitious? Keep it up.

    When I was younger,I didn't care what people think(well,to an extent :)) and when I grew older,I did and when people made fun of me or hurt my feelings, I was deeply effected. It's like it's a deep scar that I'm learning to heal. Now I think I have bipolar because I'm allowed people to influence my thinking. Before,I never thought of committing suicide and when I heard people doing it,I couldn't even comprehend that. When I got older,I understood,and seriously thought about taking an overdose(pills).Now I have to silence the "You can't do it" and "I wish I was her" in my head.

    I know taking advice from a 15 year old might sound trivial, but it will happen sooner or later to every human.

    With the help of God and my parents, I know even though I make mistake,big or small, there is always room for forgiveness and my sins don't make me who I am(I don't mean to sound preachy but being religious IS me and it helps me:)).

    If I knew this,years ago,I would be SOOO better. I know our parents teach us we aren't perfect and stuff but sometimes it's better to hear it from someone who is our age.I would
    love for girl and even adults to know that even though the worst may happen,it is still possible to be TRULLY happy and other things like these. That's why I would like for you to make a video on that.

    I love you so much like a sister and I honestly wish you the best. Don't stop being sweet,clean,and YOU.
    With lots of hearts,
    Kristin :)

    P.S. My email is