Thursday, March 22, 2012

Closet Organization for Small Closets

As many of you may know, I redid my closet about 2 months ago and filmed a video giving you tips and tricks to organize yours! :D For some reason, YouTube has a limit to how long my description can be and I have ALOT of links to give you which I believe you can benefit from. Therefore, I decided to post all of the links I found for you (none are affiliated, this means I do not get paid if you click the link, nor do I get paid if you purchase anything). I know how time consuming researching products can be so I tried to find items for everyone, whether you are on a budget or not (: Since everyone has different tastes and items they prefer to use, I tried to find as many different storage solutions as I possibly could.

Before my closet became my dream closet (video if you want to see it): I will soon make a blogpost on the steps I take to organize closets (I've organized my closet multiple times hehe).

Closet Organization Tips for Small Closets is the video I decided to make to help those with small spaces get inspiration to get organized. I am not saying my closet is small, I know that I am blessed with a nice closet size that fits everything I need. However, I believe the storage solutions themselves, such as vertical hanging, storage boxes, and thin hangers, can be beneficial for someone with a small closet (:

I have also added the closet organization for small closets uploaded by my YouTube friend TheGLOSSette. I thought it was an exactly video to add to this blog since her closet is smaller than mine(: Also, she gives awesome tips (;

So here we go, onto the links!

One of my lovely Canadian viewers mentioned a store, XS Cargo, which has the same type of storage that I showed you :D So I googled it and found a couple of items that I would buy if I lived in Canada and did not have access to some of the stores mentioned in the video(: I hope this helps!

I also found this website (also for Canadians) and there's TONS of storage solutions on here!Just pick the area you want to get organized and a lot of items will be displayed(:

Below you will find the same links as in my video. I'm not sure if these companies ship internationally, so if you know of a store that does you can let me know and I'll provide links of the items I would purchase if I lived in another country.

In the closet

My "laundry" basket (shown in video; its actually a waste basket!):

Hat Organizers
Cap/Hat Organizer (I know guys like hats heh heh):

Clothes Hangers

Scarf, Belt, and Tie Organizers
Circled scarf, tie, belt organizer (shown in video):

Purse shaped scarf organizer (very cute for young girl!):

Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizer (shown in video; this one is a little different):

Boxes & Storage Containers

Magazine Boxes (I used these for the top of my brothers closet):

Other Organization videos:
Desk Organization During the Semester:

Jewelry Armoire Organization:

I always recommend checking Amazon or eBay since you can usually find the same items at a cheaper price, and that is especially helpful for those on a budget.

Thank you for checking out this blogpost and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. Until next time!(: