Saturday, March 24, 2012

Qualities I believe make people subscribe to YouTubers

I will eventually make a video all about this but I thought I'd make a blog on what I think have made people want to subscribe to my channel. I am not saying I'm famous or well known, because I'm well aware that I'm not, but I have been asked by several YouTubers who are just starting out "How can I get people to subscribe to me?" "How can I get more views?"and those sorts of questions. So I came up with a few things that I think are important. The same way that I make videos, I also view them and there are some characteristics that I find make me subscribe to someones channel.

#1. Be kind. I actually have a little story for this one. A while ago, one of my friends (a subscriber) asked me for advice on something. However, I didn't know how to reply to them because I don't have experience in that particular area. So I told them of another YouTuber who I thought would be helpful to them. When I told the person about this YouTuber, the person told me that they'd rather get advice from me, even if I had no experience in that area, because the YouTuber that I recommended "replies in a rude manner, and makes me feel low and unintelligent"....OUCH! Of course I'm not going to say who the person is but that goes to show you how important kindness and being nice to others. What is known as "word of mouth" in the business world also applies to YouTube. People will definitely recommend the channels they like and the channels that make them feel happy. We all want to be respected, treated nicely, and not looked down upon.

#2. Be aware of what you say. When you talk to someone on the internet or make a video and upload it, be careful of what you say and how you say it. Viewers can get offended, not tell you, and unsubscribe. For example, if I am making a video on organizing an agenda, and I say that people who don't use agendas are stupid and disorganized, I am obviously going to offend whoever doesn't use an agenda (btw I don't think that of those who don't use an agenda, I'm just giving an example[: ). And then that person I offended will most likely unsubscribe, not watch my videos anymore, and possibly hate me. So please be very very careful with the wording of sentences in your videos.

#3. Reply to comments, message, tweets, etc. This has to be my number 1 tip! Even if you can't reply to every single comment, at least reply to the questions people ask you. Just because you have thousands of people subscribed to you does not give you the right to not reply to them, if you're making videos be prepared to answer questions because that's what you pretty much "signed up" for (: Personally, I love replying to all of the wonderful and beautiful people who enjoy my videos, but more than anything I like forming a friendship with them. Why? Not so that they stay subscribed to me, but so that they know they can count on me if they need help getting motivated or things of that sort. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I've helped someone(:

#4. Be yourself. As I always tell myself "I would rather have someone not subscribe to a real me, then have someone subscribe to a fake me." Be proud of who you are, what you believe in, and show that in your videos (:

#5. Get to the point. Anything that isn't related to your video title should be said at the end of the video, NOT the beginning. When someone clicks your video, they click it because of the title, but if you come out talking about something completely different for the first 5 minutes of your video, most often than not people will exit out & look for another YouTuber. If you're busy like me, you want to the video to get straight to the point to not waste time(:

If I think of more tips I will make sure to update this blog and let you know ^_^ But that's it for now! Thank you so much for reading!(:

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