Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Day (:

It's finally Thursday! Last day of the week I have to drive to school! This is heaven ^_^ The only downside is that todays class always finishes a bit after 8pm so I end up getting home at like 8:40pm *tear* but other than that it's great since I can work on assignments and stuff while my brother is at school. He gets out at 3:15pm today so I leave the house around 2:50-2:55 to give me time to get to his campus, pick him up, and together we go to my campus(: He really hates it but he has to deal with it since he decided to not listen to me and didn't get his drivers license over winter break hahaha!

I just finished uploading one of the many procrastination videos that I'll be doing. It's difficult to try to help a wide range of people in one video since everyone has a different schedule, so hopefully people leave more questions and then I can give more detailed answers ^_^

So looking at my agenda I don't have very much to do today, this is what it looks like:

School Related:
Submit quiz 3 (did that yesterday)
Print both case studies due Monday - completed at 10:40am
Make notecards for Int'l Finance from textbook - chapter 1 & 2 completed at 12:29pm
Start researching Caterpillar for project - completed at 10:21pm
Class at 6PM (take laptop) - class finished at 8:10pm

Home Related:
Laundry - completed at 10:56am
15 minute morning bedroom pickup (I'm lazy at night hehe) - completed at 9:48am
Pick up living room-completed at 10:45pm
Pick up dining room (messy family members XD) - completed at 9:20pm

Me Related:
Deposit school check at bank - completed at 2:46pm
Pay remaining tuition balance - incomplete because deposit has not gone through
Do nails - tomorrow since Im too tired!
Wash hair - incomplete because I just don't have time, a shower will do (;
Outline the next video - incomplete because I'm too sleepy!

Oh and today I got my Scentsy that was sent to me by a wonderful twitter/youtube friend who sells it! :D It's the first free product I've ever received to make a review on and omg!...I did not think I would love it as much as I do XD It's too amazing to describe in words. All I was able to say about the scents was "I wanna eat it!" Even my brother is loving the scents(: I really cannot wait to review it and share my experience with it :D Scents are a big part of my study habits, I ALWAYS burn a candle or spray room fragrance before studying because I find that I work better(: Scentsy might be dangerous makes me crave sweets (; See right now I want a donut! The scents I got are Sugar Cookie, Happy Birthday, and Hazelnut Latte, so when I repurchase the bars I'm going to try the flowery scents; those, of course, will be purchased by me with my own money (: Looking forward to life with my new boyfriend Scentsy (; hehe
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to review this, yay :D

Well it's off to sleep now, I'm going to Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, and Target with one of my friends tomorrow to get some stuff I need and I need shopping rest (; Love you all! Thank you so much for reading if you got this far :D



  1. the environment where you work can also affect your work habits righT?

  2. Lol,Thank you so much for reading this if you got this far.

  3. Hey Aily u are such an inspiration!! Keep up the great work!
    A regular viewer of your amazing organizing videos from India.

  4. I Aily. Did you finish college? I hope you have a happy and successful 2013. This blog and your youtube tips are excellent. I miss you yet I understand if you're over with it. (Youtube did you a bad disservice. That saddened and angered me.) I'm hoping that you are celebrating your successes and hard work. Thank you so much for helping so many people. I know that God kisses your forehead each night as you sleep and smiles on you throughout your day.