Thursday, June 14, 2012

Divergent and Insurgent Book Reviews

            Insurgent starts off right where Divergent ended, so if you haven’t read Divergent I recommend reading it and then coming back to this blog if you’re still interested because I have to give parts of Divergent away in order to give reasons for my thoughts and opinions on Insurgent (: In case you haven’t read Divergent I’m going to give you what I remember about the book without giving any spoilers. I read it over a year ago, so my mind is a bit fuzzy on details but here we go:

           *Spoiler free* Divergent takes place in dystopian Chicago where society and its people are divided into 5 factions: Candor, Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, and Dauntless. Every year all 16 year olds have to choose 1 faction out of the 5 to live in for the rest of their lives. After these teenagers choose their faction, they have to go through an initiation which determines who will stay in the faction they chose and who will become factionless. The factionless are basically the “homeless” who don’t belong to any faction. The main character is Beatrice Prior, and you will learn more about her and what faction she chooses when you read the book (if you haven’t already). But Beatrice has a secret she can’t tell anyone and that she has to hide because in her society people get kill for “that.” What I loved most about Divergent was how action packed it was. Every time I turned a page, something new was happening. What I believed was true wasn’t true and there were twists and turns all over the place. Towards the end of the book, a lot is revealed and all I’m going to say is: not everyone is who you thought they were. There’s betrayal, sacrifice, friendship, love, and most importantly I felt like I was part of the book, almost like I was living it in my head. I definitely recommend this book and I give 5 out of 5 stars.

            Now to Insurgent, also by Veronica Roth. This part of the blog post will contain spoilers about Divergent but not about Insurgent. 

*Divergent spoiler begins* 
         Insurgent starts off where Divergent left off: Tris’ parents were killed by those under the simulation when Abnegation was attacked. Also, Tris is trying to cope with the fact that she killed her friend Will. In this book we learn why Abnegation was attacked in the first place and what that particular faction wanted. Just like in Divergent, people are murdered or gravely injured. 
*Divergent spoiler ends* 

        In Insurgent, we learn more about each faction, and some of the factions “dirty little secrets,” as well as what they are trying to hide from the society. A lot of secrets are revealed, and we get to learn more about Tris and why she is the way that she is, and why she goes around doing pretty reckless and outright insane things sometimes. What I loved most about it was how those who I thought were loyal turned out to be traitors, and those I despised I actually felt love for. After page 300, things really start to intensify and that was when I really couldn’t put the book down. Although a lot of what happens during the first half of the book had me on edge, I still felt that it was missing something that was not drawing me in as much as I was drawn into in Divergent (I think it was the lack of action). But after having read the entire book and going through every scene in my head, I realized that without the emotional and heart-felt first half of the book, I would not have felt the way that I did after I finished the entire book. Insurgent has a little bit of everything, there's some funny moments, there's drama, curiosity, excitement, and so many more emotions tied to the reading experience. 
           Overall, I loved the book and have high expectations for the third one; it gets 5 out of 5 starts in my book(:


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