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June 2012 Birchbox: Jet Set

"This month's box is devoted to products that will indulge your inner jet setter, from hardy formulas that can last throughout a long-haul flight to imported finds that we've picked up on our global adventures." - Birchbox

Birchbox monthly subscription: $10

This was what I first saw when I opened June's BirchBox. They always have a cute introduction to the months box...which I never read hehe (; For this month, I love the little detail of making the introduction card look like a postcard!

After removing the card and tissue paper, my samples were revealed!

At first glance, I went crazy when I saw another full-size eye product! Last month they sent a $22 Stila liquid liner, it was amazing until I had an allergic reaction to it, and ended up giving the liner to one of my best friends. But without further ado, here is everything out of it's packaging(:

This month I got 6 products in my box, they were:
~Comodynes | Self-Tanning Intensive
~Eyeko | Fat Eye Stick
~Likewise | Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 Normal To Oily
~theBalm cosmetics | Stainiac in Beauty Queen
~tili bags | Lifestyle Extra
~John Varvatos | Birchbox Man Extra

Here's what Birchbox said about the Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive Towelettes in this months card: "Who needs the sun when you can get a safe, build able, and natural-looking tan with these bestselling European towelettes?"
Price: $14.99 for a pack of 8
Initial Reaction: I'm not going to lie, I got freaked out when I saw the self-tanning towelettes because I'm terrified of artificial tans. For starters, I'm not a tanning person (I don't even like the beach hahaha!), so I wasn't very excited when I saw it. But then I watched a video by Birchbox on YouTube, and in the video they showed how it applies and how to apply it. That changed my perspective about them a little...but I'm a bit scared of them (; 
Overall Opinion: I still haven't tried them, but when I do I will update this section

Here's what Birchbox said about the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in the color Old Gold in this months card: "A Birchbox exclusive, this UK brand's too-cool shadow stick combines creamy color and long-lasting wear."

Full size price: $15
Initial Reaction: One word: EXCITEMENT! I got so happy when I saw this in my box! I have never tried an eye makeup stick before. I know that various brands make this type of product, but I was always afraid to buy it and end up with irritated itchy eyes. So I took the product out of the box and swatched it on my hand, like girls do on YouTube, and it applies so softly; it has a pretty creamy consistency. 
Overall Opinion: I love it! I would definitely pay $15 for this product in the future when mine runs out. It applies very smoothly and does not tug on my eyelids. I do not have to apply a lot of product to get the color I want on my eyelids since I get an opaque finish with a single, soft, no pressured application on the lids. This is a plus for me because it means that I am not wasting a lot of product on one application, which will increase the longevity of the eye stick, making it worth $15. In a nutshell, it will last longer since I don't have to reapply [or build on] the product. Also, it looks beautiful on its own, but I love to place YDK or Suspect by Urban Decay on top to prevent any creasing (I have very oily eyelids). Additionally, it brings a good amount of product: 4g [or] 0.14oz; that is enough to last me a pretty long time! Most importantly, I do not have an allergic reaction to it, so I can add this product to my list of eye makeup products I can use :D 

Here's what Birchbox said about the Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 Normal to Oily in this months card: "Get sun savvy with this zinc-infused cream. It acts like a hydrating toner to mattify skin while deflecting UV rays."
Full size price: $44
Initial Reaction: "Oh my goodness another sticky, oily, overpriced SPF moisturizer." When I saw this moisturizer had an SPF of 50 I was about to have a heart attack. I have never in my life met a moisturizer with SPF, whether it's 5, 10, 20, or 30, that will not make my face more oily than what it already is, which is why I do not use a moisturizer with SPF on a day-to-day basis...I don't use a moisturizer at all because that's always what I get: an oil reserve on my face. So imagine my disappointment when I saw it was a moisturizer with SPF 50; I was very happy that the sample size wasn't very large! But as always, I was open to try it, that's why I'm subscribed to Birchbox: to try products I would probably never ever pick up on my own, such as this one!
Overall Opinion: I was proved wrong. This moisturizer is unlike anything any beauty subscription has ever sent me. After applying this product it's almost as if it sucks the oil out of my face! How? I have no idea! :D I'm still amazed at how it protects my face from the sun yet does not make it greasy or heavy feeling. Also, since there's less oil on my face, I feel that my BB cream lasts longer then it used to, especially on my forehead and nose areas. Would I pay $44 for this? Yes, after budgeting properly of course. Why? A little goes a long way, and the product does exactly what it claims to do. This is a quality that is very difficult for me to find in a moisturizer, and to think that I have finally found a moisturizer that will protect my skin with an SPF of 50, while not making my face shiny, makes me the happiest girl in the world! Also, I don't wear makeup on my face everyday, so having a moisturizer that works as a mattifier is a timesaver! Imagine waking up in the morning with an oily face, washing it, applying a moisturizer, some mascara, and you're out the door ^_^ I don't know about you but that's my kind of routine (;

Here's what Birchbox said about the theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen in this months card: "We're crazy about this two-in-one lip and cheek stain: the sheer gel formula delivers a subtle, long-wearing flush."
Full size price: $17
Initial Reaction: I had heard of the brand theBalm in the past, and tried their nail polish in a MyGlam, which I must say I did not like the color they sent me! Since I liked the application and overall nail polish by this brand, I had high hopes for the stain. Now I must say that I have never tried a stain in my life! The closest I've ever gotten to a stain is a lip surge by Tarte, which came in a previous Birchbox. When it came to a cheek and lip stain, I have never ever tried one!
Overall Opinion: I really like it! I've worn it twice since I received it and it actually lasts on my cheeks, but not so much on my lips. Since it's red and it reminds me of blood, I feel like a vampire when I apply it to my lips hahaha! It gives a very nice stain to the lips but not very long lasting for me. I cannot say I'd purchase the full size of this product just because it doesn't wow me so much. I can't compare it to other stains since I haven't tried others, but I found this to be an okay cheek and lip stain. It's not a product that I can honestly say "I cannot go a day without this product," such as the mascara I use on a daily basis (it's the only mascara I don't have an allergic reaction to, so you can imagine how much I love it!).  I do love the product for cheeks, but not for lips.

Here's what Birchbox said about the Tili bags in this months card: "Breeze through airport security with these too-cute plastic bags. They're perfectly sized for storing all your travel essentials (and beauty samples)."
Price: Pack of 9-12, $8.49 - $9.49
Initial Reaction: "Oh my goodness it's animal print!" This is like a ziploc bag with an adorable twist! 
Overall Opinion: If I had the extra money to purchase these, I would! I can imagine myself taking grapes or dry snacks to work or when running errands, but I cannot imagine spending $8.49 on 9 of them hahaha! I've been using mine in my shower caddy. Inside of it I keep my everyday lip scrub, lip balm, hand cream, foot cream, and cuticle cream. It seals very well. It didn't come out in the picture but it actually seals like a Hefty baggie. It has a little white "zipper" that opens and closes it. I think these would make a very cute back to school gift!

Here's what Birchbox said about the John Varvatos Star USA Birchbox Man Extra Cologne in this months card: "In honor of Father's Day, we've included this dapper cologne, a blend of ginger, juniper berries, and vetiver. Pass it on to a lucky guy friend or family member."

Full size price: $55 - $70
Initial Reaction: "I'm not a man." Let me just say I gave the cologne sample to my boyfriend so I don't have a picture taken by me...I stole the picture of the full size from the Google (; But if you scroll to the top, you can see the packaging from my initial unboxing(: So moving on, I love the smell of this cologne and my boyfriend did as well...someone might be getting it in their birthday bag hehe(;
Overall Opinion: It's a delicious and fairly affordable cologne for a male of any age. 

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